Because the Family Matters is locally owned in Corpus Christi, Texas in the Everhart Executive Plaza. We are a family business ready to meet your families needs. 

Our organization is committed to helping children, adolescents, young adults, individuals, couples, marriages and families to reach their fullest potential, by providing the tools necessary to survive and thrive in life's struggles and challenges. We believe that everyone is worthy and capable, of living a life that they love, so we focus on moving away from self-defeating ways, gaining perspective, and increasing insight. As therapist and client, we can work together to see these changes impact your lives in a way that produces resolution and restoration. 

Whether you are seeking short-term or long-term therapy, we are committed to sharing the therapeutic journey with you.

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Ann Marie Godines LPC NCC Board Certified
Marriage and Family Therapist
What We Do
  1. Marriage and Relationship
    Your marriage is worth fighting for. You CAN have a fulfilling relationship when you work at it with passion. We believe that no matter what storm comes our way, we can be restored to an even better marriage than we started off with.
  2. Infidelity and Sexual Addiction
    Sex addiction is real. Sex can be used as a fix to relieve anxiety, depression, loneliness, and countless other emotions. I will help you sort through the addiction to not only heal from it, but to find healthy ways of coping.
  3. Men's and Women's Wellness
    Whether you are battling depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, illness, chronic pain, eating issues, self esteem, identity issues, addictions, stress or coping, we want to help you find peace, balance and harmony within yourself.
  4. Grief and Loss
    Sometimes we face loss, and grief is a natural part of the healing. The reasons for grief are many, such as the loss of a loved one, the loss of health, or the letting go of a long-held dream. We are here to help through this difficult time.
  5. Trauma and Abuse
    Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse Treatment. We use an Emotionally Focused approach to treating PTSD. We do not put a Band-Aid on your pain. We get to the root and we find healing.
  6. Career and Life Coaching
    Decisions, Decisions! We face them at different seasons of our life. If you need help getting your life organized, revamped or reignited, then we would love to help guide you in a direction that brings you joy, fulfillment and passion.
Healing can be experienced through creative expression when combined with psychotherapy, therefore we offer various creative techniques to help children and adolescents process through their emotions or trauma based situations. ​

  • Acrylic paint and canvas. Water color. Pencils.
  •  Rocks in the Sand ©: An Integrative and Creative Counseling Approach using natural rocks in a sand box.
  • Narrative Therapy and expression. 
  • Genograms.
  • Art Therapy​

Creative Therapy, where the unconscious mind becomes more conscious to the client and the family. 

"I've come such a long way since starting counseling here! She asks the right questions and is a non-judgemental and compassionate place to lay out and work through your feelings. Couldn't recommend her enough"truly cares about the family and was a God send to my family when we needed a helping hand.
"We feel so completely blessed that God led us to this family and this ministry. Marie is a wonderful and professional counselor and helped my family so much (and still does). Marie counseled my entire family including my little girls and truly made each one of us feel comfortable and understood. We also took part in the Marriage Mentorship program with Marie and her husband David, they welcomed us into their family and we were able to learn so much from them both. We were separated for a year and our marriage appeared dead but I knew in my heart during that time that God wanted me to fight for our marriage and along with our church this ministry stood in that gap for us, prayed with us, helped us communicate and get back on track after lots of damage and hurts. Our marriage was days from divorce but we are blessed to say that in June 2013 our marriage was restored, we now have a beautiful restoration baby boy and just renewed our wedding vows with this wonderful family ministry officiating our private ceremony! God is truly working through Marie and David and this ministry and my husband and I both highly recommend them! Nothing is impossible with God! " 
"....truly cares about the family and was a God send to my family when we needed a helping hand."
" I adore Marie and her family. This practice is amazing and has helped my family SO much. I don’t know where we’d be without her guidance and love throughout everything. She truly cares and treats you as if you are her own family. We are so thankful for her."
"she is amazing. My son went through a stage of fears to death after my labor complications and hospitalizations. He wasn't sleeping well and was crying frequently. He did therapy with her and after few months he was so confident and no more crying. He is more open to talk about it too. Thanks so much Marie. My family love you. ❤❤❤"
"She is the best. My wife and I are doing so much better since coming to counseling here. We look forward to every session."
"Ann Marie is fantastic. She has helped out my family is so many different ways. I was hesitant about seeing a therapist but even when I move I will still drive far to see her."

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